Towards the beginning of the week, I learned about the Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM) program’s protocol, in addition to business interactions and formal dress attire. We developed interpersonal skills within a context of the business world, including proper conduct and cold calls. I learned of the uncomfortable nature behind cold calls and contacting business professionals and the serious need for practice and preparation. While we had an outline to base our cold calls off of, I found it essential and more natural to deviate from this draft and improvise as a normal conversation is like.

As the first week of formal research began, I had a very limited knowledge of my topic: neuroscience. Trying to find a start somewhere, somehow, I began to focus on one of the very few things neurosurgery-related that I am actually aware of: awake craniotomy. Even though I had a general understanding of what it is, the depth of such a concept opened my eyes and revealed to me the abundance of unknown of the neuroscience world.

Having a very minimal knowledge of the subject has proven to be a complication of its own, as interviewing someone regarding a subject I am hardly aware of limits myself to very one-dimensional questions and obvious inquiries. While it has been a bit frustrating,  I at least have a clear understanding of what I need to do in order to accomplish my tasks and equip myself for interviews: research, research, research. Despite everything, I am still excited to discover an universe unfamiliar to me – filled with infinite and unimaginable possibilities.


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