Nonexistent Detriments

This past week I have finally realized why the world has and will always constantly struggle with a shortage of neurosurgeons. Initially focused primarily on statistics and numbers, this insufficient number of workers seemed at the very least irrational. For a salary reaching up to $700,000 – on rare occasions $1,000,000 – I could not seem to find a possible explanation as to why people would chose against this profession.

However, my third research assessment has explicated one crucial aspect of neuroscience, particularly in surgery: simply put, neuroscience is work a lot of work. Throughout all of the technical terms and vernacular, the specific and convoluted surgical diagrams, and possible symptoms and side effects of certain operations, I could visibly see my interest in this field fall into a pit of doubt and fear. I began to ask myself whether this path is truly right for me.

The “human” side of me covets the easy route in life –  exemplifying a biological concept of optimal foraging behavior, in which an organism’s actions are geared to have minimum costs or losses for maximum benefit. While it is rare that I actually find the answer to this question in a considerably short amount of time, I realized the serious assets of this Independent Study and Mentorship Program. It offers me a fruitful experience, in which I can delve into my possible passions and future careers without any fear that I have chosen incorrectly, as experience is never an detriment. Therefore, as I will officially begin my cold calls and interview process, I am at the very least excited to see what this new week has to offer – possibly seeing my interests flourish, despite arduousness intensifying.




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