The Race

After much research and preparation,  I have officially begun my journey into the “real world”. From conducting cold calls to getting rejected during cold calls to finally scheduling interviews to practicing for the interviews, this whole process has been at the very least nerve-racking. Seeing everyone progressing so quickly has made me feel as though the race has already begun, yet I am still stuck at the starting line.

With my very first interview this upcoming Monday and the symposium this Wednesday, I have been constantly struggling with readying myself for everything, ensuring that I do not forget anything. While quite hectic, I am thankful for these experiences, which will in no doubt prepare me for real neuroscience-related internship and job interviews after college.

One thing that I really began to understand this past week was that life is truly a race, in the way that it will not wait for you. Time will not wait for me to get “comfortable” with things usually outside of my comfort zone, such as making cold calls and conducting interviews. I have to take initiative with my own responsibilities – not waiting for someone “pleasant” and “approachable” to spoon feed me the information I need. This next week I hope to truly become the leader of my own life and while we all may run the race at different speeds, we all will reach the same destination.


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