Pursuing Unknown: Part 2

This past week has been filled with many “deja vu” moments, as I had to completely restart the process of research, cold calls, and interviews. However, in a way, this second time around has been even more challenging than the first.

Selecting a topic in which available professionals seem to be rather lacking, I have decided to back away from cinematography and start with the basics: videography. Quite upset that Frisco is a bit far from Los Angeles, something somewhat more common than Hollywood is events and the demand for capturing memories at events. Not necessarily exactly what I wish to explore, event videography has offered me quite a large pool of both amateur and professional videographers.

With a topic change, comes the necessity to completely immerse myself in all things film. With so much time spent on neuroscience and neurosurgery, I have really struggled with making up all of the missed time. However, there is also a certain sense of relief. Selecting a topic that finally interests me, spending extra hours of the day exposing myself to the world of film and cameras has been almost relaxing. Never once in my 17 years of being alive has school been de-stressing. Go figure.

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