Small World

This past week has been filled with research and interviews. With the initial impression that Dallas has a lack of adequate professionals that could be possible interviewees and mentors, reaching out and networking has really opened my eyes to the community around me. Surprisingly, a close friend of mine is currently a videographer and an Audiovisual Technician for the Southern Methodist University Audiovisual Services. Able to interview someone with a connection already present has been able to expedite the entire process and allow me to possibly gain first hand experience by shadowing. In fact, I have been given the amazing opportunity to shadow him as a Wedding videographer in November.

In addition, finding a close connection to the field has helped me even in the research process. I have been able to ask about different aspects of film making,such as lenses, aperture, lighting, ISO, and shutter speed. Having someone who has experience with such equipment has given me unique knowledge as opposed to reading a simple article.

While the entire process is still quite difficult, networking and actually reaching out to people has been the simple solution. As the average American knows roughly 600 people (according to The New York Times), asking 1 person gives me 600 connections. Already having 600 connections, the grand total equals 360,000. 360,000 people and the chances are 0 to none that I cannot find at least 1 person.

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