A Kind of Vision

Original Work commencement.

Beginning the original work idea developmental process, the senior side of me pursued the easier route – doing a “quick and easy” event videography project. However, the more ambitious me wanted to take the road less traveled. Thus, my documentary-to-be was born.

At first, I was confused on where to start, then I eventually came back to the beginning. My inspiration derives from a group called Jubilee Project. Their work revolves around social activism and giving a voice to those lacking thereof. As their motto is “doing good is contagious”, they truly give purpose to their work, using film as a means to uplift, inspire, and motivate.

Therefore, I want to gear my original work towards similar goals, using three to five minutes of video to impact and transform lives of many. This has become my guiding question: how can I use film in order to impact and influence my respective audiences?

Now, I find myself at another crossroads. So many activism topics, and I am left with no direction. I have a vision, and I know the means of effective and successful execution, but there still lacks a purpose. This week I look forward to discovering a need in the community, to which I can give a voice.


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