Through much persistence and an ounce of optimism, I have been given the amazing opportunity to interview the internationally known Youtube filmmaker: Wong Fu Productions. Based in California, an in-person interview was out of the question, but through this interview, I will be able to gain information regarding film and their experiences, unique to that of any Dallas-based filmmaker. As my inspiration, I am eager to listen and talk with some of the very people who have helped me discover my own interest and passion in filmmaking.

This past week, I was able to interview Wakeland High School’s Broadcast and Film teacher, Mrs. Becky Hohmann. Initially, I had quite uncertain expectations regarding this interview, as I was not sure if a former broadcaster relates to my ISM purposes. However, this interview has been by far the most informational. Delineating the entire production process (pre-production, production, and post production), and explaining what is done in each phase, I was able to plan out the entire timeline of my original work.

With several more interviews scheduled for the future I look forward to continuing the expansion of my knowledge and understanding of the field of film, as I proceed with developing my original work from an idea to a reality.



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