Near End

With Thanksgiving very quickly approaching, the original work deadline continues to concurrently draw near to my ISM journey. While still highly unprepared, with my previous interview with Mr. Benson Quach from Wong Fu Productions and Mr. Joshua Oh, a freelance videographer, I have gained unique information that will allow for easy facilitation of this documentary.

This past week I have had the pleasure of interviewing a close acquaintance, Mr. Joshua Oh. We had met this past summer and I was able to contact him and ask very specific questions regarding my original work. As a freelance, he has experimented and tested out various ways on how to implement more cost-efficiency to his equipment – as quality typically comes with price. Mr. Oh imparted extremely beneficial tips on how to tackle lighting and audio in a way that is adequate enough for my uses, as well as cheap enough for my uses.

While Mr. Oh answered more technical questions, Mr. Quach addressed the more broad, field-related questions. As a business professional in the film industry, he expatiated in depth on his education, work experiences, and current occupation. He, in addition to everyone else, emphasized the advantage of having a business background or at least some sort of solidified understanding. He then discussed his work experiences – freelance, film, and Youtube. While Youtube definitely has its drawbacks and risks, Mr. Quach highlighted how rewarding it is to be a part of the Youtube community. While it may not be exactly within my reach, it is of course an option for the future.

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