With the long awaited opportunity to interview Mr. Benson Quach of Wong Fu Productions, there lies some very much needed retrospections from this interview. As Mr. Quach was generous enough to upload a copy of his responses unto Youtube, for my further use and for anyone else it may benefit, I was able to re-watch it to refresh my memory.

One thing that I completely overlooked the first time was Mr. Quach’s emphasis on audio. Seems simple – no? That was the case initially; however listening to this for the second time really opened my eyes  (ears if you want to be technical) to what Mr. Benson was trying to say.

The past few weeks, in which I have been planning and preparing for my original work, I have been completely obsessed with ensuring a visually appealing setting, with adequate lighting, and a clean background. However, with Mr. Quach’s priority to audio as opposed to visuals, he reminded me of why I was so captivated and fascinated by the film industry in the first place: storytelling. I realized that I was concentrating on the wrong things, placing so much emphasis on how this video looks as opposed to what this video is actually saying. This interview with Mr. Benson Quach forced me to take a step back, stop, and retrospect – to find what story I want to tell – to go back to the beginning.


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