Giving of Thanks

Prior to Thanksgiving Break, I had planned to be productive with my week, allotting an adequate amount of time to ISM and my original work – plans to prepare for my documentary and create the finishing touches for my display board. Looking back at my week off, none of these things happened.

To be frank, I hadn’t even worked on any school assignments (well, not until the night before). Despite already being behind in ISM and constantly working at twice the pace to catch up, this week was not completely prodigal of my time. Rather during this time of giving thanks, I was able to take a mental health day (make that 9 mental health days) and take a break.

This has allowed me to come back with a fresh perspective and new motivation for my original work and journey through ISM. Or at least, that is my justification for my school-free, work-free, stress-free break.

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