Ambition vs. Reality

This week marks the 2nd to last week until the commencement of Christmas Break (or Winter Break to be PC). Not only does this mean holiday galore – including hot chocolate, gift giving, and prayers for snow – but this also means DEADLINE.

Initially, I had been presented the original work project and several months to plan, prepare, and produce. However, with a combination of my simple disillusionment and lack of available motivation to prioritize, I have realized a need for adjustments. Of course, 1st semester Gina was as ambitious as she was and declared that a documentary was manageable as an original work. However, gradually transitioning towards 2nd semester Gina, she had been hit with a reality check.

As a short documentary takes months to plan for professionals, I have realized the slight overzealousness I had towards my own abilities. Rather than a complete, high scale documentary, I will have to narrow the size of the entire production, decreasing technical quality as a priority, but maintaining the underlying message or story I wish to tell. While the search for a mentor is still in progress, I have full confidence (could this be 1st semester Gina again?) in my abilities to create this documentary and be proud of the end result.

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