Christmas (PC: Winter Season) is upon us.

With this, the search for the perfect location to film my original work has come to its end (finally!). Ironically, location scouting for the “perfect” place, with the visual appeal I am looking for (which was specifically brick or cement), the availability and willingness to allow me to film at, and a lack of noise or distractions for audio quality has led me to search restaurants, public buildings, apartments, and even model homes.

However, while walking in the school during passing periods, it hit me: school. It all made sense. Brick wall: check. Permission to film: check. Lack of outside noise: on a weekend, check. This was “perfect”.

It was almost disappointing (and quite the comic relief) that I had not considered school in the first place – nevertheless I had gotten rid of the biggest hindrance in the progression of my original work. With this taken care of, I can now set a date for the production, gather interviewees, prepare equipment, etc, in order to complete this documentary.

While I have climbed over a significant hill, there are still mountains to get through, such as interviewee searches, lighting, audio, post production, etc. Despite all of this, I still look forward to continuing my journey in the creation of my very first documentary.

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