This past week, I was able to interview Mr. Justin Muller, a renowned Dallas filmmaker and president of Muller Entertainment. We discussed his previous work experiences related to film as well as my original work. Mr. Muller seemed to understand the exact vision I have cultivated throughout the preparation and pre-production phase of my documentary. With his help, I was able to finalize the question that I ask my interviewees in my documentary: “What makes you happy?” With this set, I was able to move onto discussing plans for lighting and audio. Offering me a light kit as well as a studio to film in for my documentary, many of my problems and obstacles were easily overcome; however, after much thought, I began to re-evaluate. It seemed almost as if using these resources meant that I was taking the easy route. I will have been spoon-fed everything, not taking the time to learn and invent new alternatives to the already established ways of Hollywood. Then, I realized that there is a certain beauty that is found in youth. Our naivety allows us to be myopic and rather ignorant to the conventional way; however, this deviance creates something more beautiful, something original.

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