T Minus

First week of break has already come to an end!

With that being said, I was able to dedicate this entire week towards one thing: original work. Without the constant worry regarding schoolwork and actual work, I was able to completely focus my attention towards my documentary, brainstorming and planning for my pre-production phase. As I continue to make progress with my original work, the more invested and excited I am to present this. This process has truly revealed a passion for film within myself  – I see myself constantly (and unconsciously) setting aside every free thought I have towards the creation of this documentary.

However, this journey has definitely proven itself to have its fair share of difficulties.. Before ISM, my experiences were limited to videography, which does indeed tell a story; however, the story is told by the video itself. In contrast, with this documentary, I have had to fabricate the entire story, creating content, plot, character development, etc. I think this original work showed me for the first time how hard it is to create something new. This documentary has taught me the (very) fine line between inspiration and plagiarism, which is seemingly less conspicuous than you would think. In a world that constantly recycles ideas and concepts, being original can be quite rare. But rarity is what blooms into greatness.


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