Finishing Touches

As the break meets its unawaited end, I begin to add the last finishing touches to my original work. Truly this project has been a process, teaching me invaluable lessons and skills in film as well as in the real world. Going from an informative documentary, to a social activism documentary, to a comedic documentary, to finally not a documentary at all, this film has gone through new heights to find its perfect identity.

This past week, I believe I was able to really find my true passion and calling in life – confirming my doubtful beliefs on film. However, what really gives me drive and motivation is to utilize film for evangelism and Kingdom building purposes. Whether it directly speaks on Christianity or rather tackles some of the secular issues that plague both believers and non-believers, I believe this is where I have been called to serve.

And this is exactly what my original work does. It creates the perfect harmony between a crash course and a sermon jam, including film styles and technique that show a maturation of skills and knowledge. I look forward to the ways in which this video will impact my audience: my church, as well as anyone else who may find a curiosity or intrigue in it.

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