Original work season has finally ended! While this project has been amazing, providing me with so many invaluable experiences, I am equally as excited to be finished and start on something new!

I was able to present my original work to my youth group this past Sunday, which was honestly quite nerve wracking to say the least.. But after its viewing, I was able to receive so much amazing feedback and really see this film coming to life and impacting so many individuals – from youth kids all the way to adults!

Here is the finished product:

One thing I really learned from this entire experience was “create create create”. People have this misconception that they need to wait to start projects or to create new things until they are skillful and “ready”. However, you will never really be “ready”, so the time is now to start putting yourself out there. You will never reach perfection the first time – rather you will learn bits and pieces of knowledge with each mistake you make along the way.

With that said, be bold in your expeditions into whatever field you find passion and joy. Never wait and withhold your talents and creativity to the world, but continuously find ways to display them for people to see!

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