Completed Search

The search for a mentor is finally complete!

I was able to connect with Jubilee Project, a filmmaking group on Youtube, and ask Jason Lee, the founder, if he was able to mentor me throughout my journey into ISM. Unfortunately, as he is busy with his channel and the fact that he was based in California, he was not able to commit to a mentorship; however, he was able to connect me to someone who was more available.

Alison Chang, a former fellow of Jubilee Project, participating in the 10 Day Fellowship in which filmmakers came together and created “Lost for Words” a short film in collaboration with the Jeremy Lin Foundation and PAIR Houston to advocate and spread awareness on refugee youth.

It was really cool to see someone who has the same background as I do, first pursuing neuroscience and cognitive science, then making the decision to transition from the medical field to the film industry. Both being a firm believer, she was also able to give insight on how she uses film and the media in order to use it towards purposes of evangelism, outreach, and Kingdom building – which is also something I would like to pursue as I deepen my journey into ISM.

To read more on Alison Chang, click here.

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