Showcase season is finally over! After so much effort placed into making sure everything is set into place and ready to present, I am more than excited to start on my next project.

As my original work was a film called “Fear”, I wanted to revisit an idea that I was not able to continue with due to time limitations. I was going to create a film that exhibits the various fears that various people have, which was to be called “Real People Real Fears”.

Before I actually start to create my final product, I want to make a few more films in order to really refine my skills to ensure a final product that is at its highest quality. Therefore, I was able to collect footage this past weekend for “Real People Real Fears”, and plan to edit and upload within the week. Similarly to “Fear”, this video will be able to act as a supplemental aid for my youth, and see how it might impact and influence them by being able to receive feedback and criticisms.

I hope to continue my journey in ISM, but now with the guidance and help of my mentor. I look forward to growing and being challenged in my capacities to further learn and develop my filmography skills.

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