Meets and Greets

This past weekend I was able to go on my first mentor visit. Finally being able to associate a name with a face and a face with a person was quite surreal. We first discussed the handbook and other Independent Study and Mentorship logistics and information. After going over and clarifying everything, we were able to really get to know each other and share a little bit about our lives.

It was such a unique experience to converse with someone whose journey really reflects what I am encountering right now. Transitioning from neuroscience to film, we were both met with (and “currently met by” for me) some pushback as a daughter of a Asian American family. In addition to this, we both saw some commonalities with our interests, including an interest in digital media – both supporters of Jubilee Project and Wongfu Productions – and videography. In fact, we were both introduced to our passion for film through photography and videography of various church events, capturing various memories through the lens of camera.

Coming out of this first mentor visit, I look forward to diving into this mentorship and learning and gaining experience in the film industry, with all that my mentor has to offer.





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