Storming Brains

As my mentorship continues with Alison Chang, we are now entering the brainstorming phase of the final product process. Planning to do a portfolio of different video and films, we were able to talk about and discuss possible genres: interview documentary, comedy sketch, videography style, social activism short films, etc. Now that I have a more solidified understanding of what I envision for my final product, I can now start planning, preparing, and storyboarding my ideas.

My first work will be a videography style film on my upcoming trip to Austin, Texas. As Alison lives in Austin, we agreed to have our mentor visit in person, planning to go over camera settings and shooting tips while going around Austin. One question or overarching struggle I have with shooting and filming is manipulating the settings to best enhance and capture the scene I want to achieve. This included shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and many more. This will allow me to increase my understanding of the camera I have, and in consequence increasing the quality of my work that I will create.

I look forward to meeting up with my mentor this following Saturday, learning first hand specific tips on shooting and collecting some footage to begin my final product for ISM.

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