Texas Tea

This past week I was able to complete and publish my first film of my final product portfolio via Adobe Premiere. Might I add, Adobe Premiere is a lot more confusing than it may initially seem, but with continual persistence, (mama) I made it. While there were so many editing and technical difficulties while creating “Texas Tea”, I can firmly say that my first film in my portfolio was a success! The final draft blew me away and it was a satisfaction that I very rarely feel about the films I create. In addition, this film was so well received from my peers, which really got me excited to continue my journey through my final product.

This long weekend, instead of working on scholarship applications, I began planning and preparing for the rest of the films I plan to create for the portfolio. For now, I have 2 video films, 2 documentaries, 1 short film, 2 music covers, 1 comedy sketch on my list (won’t disclose any more information just in case), and I look forward to expanding on these ideas and creating them into a reality. After the completion of the first video film, I must re-enter the rather painful pre-production phase once again, but with so many ideas, I am excited for what is to come!

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