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As I have completed my first video film in my portfolio, I decided to enter the documentary for the next film to create. As my mentor, Alison Chang, constantly works on documentaries for Austin Stone’s Story Team, I was able to gain unique insight and knowledge regarding documentaries during our 4th mentor visit.

Showing her my script and plan for my first documentary, she was able to offer some tips and suggestions in order to make this documentary with the best quality and content, while also being able to effectively deliver my story. Having so much experience with documentaries, she was able to show me the best ways in order to set up a room and scene for an interview.

Making sure that the background is not too plain, but not too crowded, while having some key elements (such as a fire place or couch), will ensure that the subject has a depth of field behind them. Also, the lighting will be important if I plan on filming inside a house, carrying on my knowledge regarding three point lighting. One interesting tip that she gave me was B-Rolls. Unfamiliar with the term initially, it is the inclusion of supplemental and additional footage that intercut with the main shot (in this case the interview). This will help to detract the audience’s attention from being focused on one thing for too long.

With all of these tips, I look forward to continuing and completing my first documentary for my final product!

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