Plans Change

Entering my spring break, I had planned to have already filmed my first documentary. Unfortunately, with humans and human’s schedules, plans change. This is one thing about the film industry I quickly learned.

With the change of plans, I figured I would take this empty slot of time to start the pre-production stage for my second video film a little earlier. With the help of my mentor, we were able to dig a little deeper on how I could make this video film more exceptional than my first – something to set it apart and make it different.

And this factor of uniqueness was to be found in a theme. As video films are still a method of storytelling, a common theme enables the filmmaker to make effective transitions, bridging the entire story together. Some filmmakers achieve this with a recurring motif (such as specific objects) or a lens that the film is shot in (such as street life).

With this newfound knowledge, I plan to incorporate these themes and transitions in order to create a video film that impresses its predecessor. While my final product schedule has become quite the mess, I look forward to adjusting and pressing on with the progression of my portfolio.

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