New York, New York

Over this spring break, my family and I were able to take a trip to the lovely New York City. While I visited twice as a baby, I hardly remember much besides the snow. After seeing how successful and how much growth I saw with my Austin video film, I decided to take it up a notch and create another video film for New York.

While the Austin video film, “Texas Tea”, was quite spontaneous and documented people and random events, my mentor and I decided that this second video film would be much more intentional with the storytelling aspect of film. With this decision, came much more preparation of pre-production. I would incorporate much more transitions and unique aspects that will set this video film apart from just a compilation of random scenes, and creating a confluence of ideas and stories.

While editing is the most lengthy portion of filmmaking, I look forward to delving into a pile of endless footage. As my free trial for Adobe Premiere ended before I could use it for my New York video film, I stand before the decision to either edit and process this video using Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. While Adobe is quite the investment, I would be able to grow more and learn more – however.. quite an expensive investment.

This has been one struggle throughout this final product – budget. When it comes to film and technology, not much comes free or even cheap. Quality typically directly correlates to price, and my major obstacle was deciding whether something would be a worthwhile investment, or something that could be done without.

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