And Now

This past week I received acceptance to the University of California Los Angeles. This sparked a rather unprecedented conversation about my future plans. Briefly discussing options for next year, a gap year was discussed in the conversation. As my parents are not fully on board with the film path, they first want to see me passionate about the field before they invest into my education.

Therefore, I looked at my options with my mentor on my mentor visit. The main decision came down to: full-ride to UTD or a gap year or possibly UT (without scholarships). With a gap year, I would plan on finding internships, with my best opportunities in Los Angeles. A gap year would offer me valuable experience and really show myself as well as my parents assurance of my passion and love for film. I would also be able to perhaps apply to a local college, enabling me to go to college and work at the same time.

Regardless of my decision, I believe that I will find opportunities wherever I go – whether locally, in Austin, or in California. While deadlines are approaching, I will need to make these decisions fairly quickly, but also focusing on my final product. As I proceed with my final product, I look forward to using my ISM experiences to give me knowledge and experience to guide my future decisions.

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