Even More

Already at hour 28 for my final product and only at the 2/8 mark, I have begun to realize how much work and time it takes to create this portfolio. Therefore, my mentor and I have made the decision to cut down on the number of films, yet really focus in on each film individually, ensuring quality over quantity. Going from 8 videos to 5 videos, my mentor noted that 5 in itself was a sufficient number for my portfolio.

During this week’s mentor meeting, I was able to give Alison the rough cut (emphasis on rough) of my New York video film. I was able to cut down a total of 15 minutes of footage into 5 minutes. Then, I shortened it from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. But even then, something felt wrong. It seemed boring. And my final product is something that I really want to prioritize quality over everything.

So, my mentor challenged me to shorten the video even further – from 3 minutes to 1.5 minutes. That was essentially pulling the absolute best clips from the entirety of 15 minutes. While it was a struggle to alter the audio in order for it to flow and trash clips that were still good, but not completely necessary, the change made all the difference. The fast paced nature fit the upbeat attitude of the background music, and in the midst of everything, a story was still able to be told.

Click here to watch “Concrete Jungles”

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