Small Big Day

This past Saturday was the big filming day for my first documentary on Jacob Kula. My mentor was able to come and be my second camera. She brought her gear, including sound equipment, lenses, tripod, and more. I was rather unprepared, and this ended up complicating some things the day of filming. However with these complications came making adjustments and with making adjustments came learning and gaining experience.

One big thing I learned was positioning cameras and lighting. Before this, I only thought that lighting was allowing a high quality light source to come into the shot, completely forgetting about three point lighting. In addition to the quality of light, was making sure shadows were eliminated. Another thing was learning how to conduct an interview. Knowing that the subject is unable to practically memorize the entire interview, I had to split the parts into manageable sections. This took a little longer than expected but this enabled for less mistakes and less anxiety during filming.

One last thing I was able to learn through filming day was figuring out audio. We used a mixture of the camera audio with a lapel mic. For the entire first half of the documentary, there was a static noise in all of the clips.  So we had to delete and start over, which was unfortunate. But after 30 minutes of technical difficulties we were able to successfully restart filming.

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