Not So Great Expectations

Going into this documentary, I had a very small view of how much it took to plan, create, and process it. But starting the post-production phase, I have quickly come to realize how much I need to complete. Especially being a solo filmmaker, I have complete control and responsibility over every aspect from pre-production to post-production.

Compiling all of my shots from strictly the interview, I had a total of 45 minutes of footage. This does not include b-roll. Therefore, the grand total will probably round it off to an hour of footage. 45 minutes almost broke my computer. But there seemed to be a greater issue: Going through all of the footage once will take 1 hour. Knowing that I go through all of my footage over 10 times, this proved to be a lot more work that I had expected.

On top of this, I still have to collect footage for b-roll (the supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot). This would take another day to set aside and film. Currently I am on hour 50+, but throughout these countless hours, I have learned so much more than I had imagined. My expectations have been not so great in comparison to the extent that this entire process has proved itself to be.

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