Almost There

Approaching the big day (May 17th), I am reaching a point where I know exactly everything I still need to get done in order to best prepare myself for Final Presentation Night. I still need to finish the post production phase, including editing, publishing, and adding the last few finishing touches to polish. After getting the order that I wish to present my footage, I have moved onto adding B-roll, adjusting coloration, and enhancing the audio. With the documentary coming to a slow and steady end, I am ready to transition into the next and final film that I plan on creating: a short film.

This made me think. What story do I want to tell? Whose story do I want to tell? What story do I know? And then I realized that the best story I know of is a story that is told 5 days a week for the past 4 years – excluding summers of course. Wakeland’s graduating class of 2017 has been home for me. And as we depart into our respective journeys, I wanted to capture the memories that we have spent together in a humorous way – in a way that is able to bring both laughter and tears.


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