Done… Almost

After realizing how long this documentary is actually going to take me, I have made the decision to alter my final product from being a portfolio of different genres and styles to now a portfolio capturing the transition I’ve made from videography to filmography. With “Texas Tea” and “Concrete Jungles” as my starting platform, and “Jacob Kula A Documentary” as my learning experience.

With logging over 100 hours into my final product log, I do not doubt the time and effort I have put into this portfolio. So, I am content with the fact that I was not able to explore different genres of film. While I would liked to have gotten exposure to these varying styles, I still believe that quality trumps quantity and I am proud with the progress that I have made through this documentary.

As I make the finishing touches, I keep finding more ways to improve and revise my documentary. Paralleling art, I never feel as though this video is ever truly done. Therefore, I continue to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is masked by another roadblock that I have to overcome. Trying to perfect this film into one that I am 100% content with has been something that I have not experienced before to this extent. Nevertheless, I am excited to display the progress I have made throughout the year and how much I’ve truly learn and accomplished.

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