100 Plus

With Final Presentation Night coming up very soon, I have been making the last finishing touches to my presentation and final product. With the documentary, I have seen endless areas of improvement and the flaws seem never ending. As a micromanager, I have been trying to perfect this film, logging in over 100 hours into this final product, but I’ve never reached a point when I could look at my work and see my finished product.

Therefore, with May 17th, the big day, approaching faster than I would like, I have been trying to do my best to get this final product into the shape that would sufficiently tell the story I would like to tell. Ultimately, that was the main focus and the main drive that allowed me to keep running with this project: telling a story. Not even just telling a simple story, but telling a story that means something and a story that captures one of the hardest and trying times of a friend I call family.

That has been the sole reason and the sole purpose of my time in ISM. To tell a story. And I am more than honored to be able to dedicated my last film to a friend who I’ve known and loved and tell his story that will inspire and motivate others to carry a life that is honorable as well.

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