D Day

This week marks the long awaited ISM Final Presentation Night! As the entire year has geared towards this one day, I have anxiously waited and prepared for this. Especially creating a documentary that showcases a good friend’s journey through one of the toughest times in his life, I wanted this to be perfect. And surely enough, after seeing the progress I have made throughout this year, I am happy with the ways that I have grown and matured in my knowledge and skills.

With the last couple of days coming to an end I am making the finishing touches to my three films to prepare them for display. With small edits on coloring, audio, and other minor adjustments, I am finally reaching the point when I can look at my work and like the finished product.

In addition, I was able to attend my good friend Trinity King’s final presentation night and I was very excited to see the progress she made as well. After seeing her presentation, I was able to see the things that I still need to fix and adjust from my own presentation in order to display the progress I have made in the best way possible.

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