This past Wednesday I had the Final Presentation Night when I could display all of the work I had completed throughout the course of ISM. While it was such a relief to be done, I am also quite sad that this is all finally over. I have been able to be a part of something as amazing as the ISM program and now that we are done, it is almost sad to let go of one of the best experiences I have been able to have in high school. After sharing my documentary on Facebook, t was able to receive amazing feedback from my friends and family, as well as people who I have never met. It was really amazing to see random people watch my work and become inspired.

Regardless, Final Presentation Night was a success! The Kula Family were able to finally see my finished final product: a documentary on Jacob Kula. Not only was it awesome to see this story come to life, but it was rewarding to showcase the amount of work I have dedicated into this production. Seeing just how this documentary was able to impact the people watching it, I was able to finally feel like I was doing something good for the world – or at least my community.

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