From areticentgrey to ginakwak.wordpress.com to now ginakwak.co! Starting from an online notepad where I could jot random musings to now a platform by which I can display and share creations that I am proud of (and also creations I am not super proud of, but hey learning is growing), this space has brought me a lot of healing and shown me how to hone and expand my skill set.

I had re-started this site from the bottom up and was unsure if I should continue writing. After all, I never thought of myself to be someone who had a way with words (heck I can barely express my own thoughts in conversations). But sure enough, I realized that sometimes taking a moment to sit down and formulate these disorganized ideas into cohesive thoughts and thus into written words was more cathartic than working out or crying. Not because writing helped me take my mind elsewhere, but because it did the very opposite. I learned to cope by confronting the problem, wrestling with myself, and resolving the situation by finding the root.

While every now and then I will return to this space in times of distress, I look forward to filling this medium with positivity and things that I love! From my favorite cafes (because who doesn’t love a good cup of joe) to new discoveries game changers to plain ol’ life updates, I hope this site can bring you excitement in finding joy in the small things!



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