Plans Change

Plans Change

Entering my spring break, I had planned to have already filmed my first documentary. Unfortunately, with humans and human's schedules, plans change. This is one thing about the film industry I quickly learned. With the change of plans, I figured I would take this empty slot of time to start the pre-production stage for my [...]


Original work season has finally ended! While this project has been amazing, providing me with so many invaluable experiences, I am equally as excited to be finished and start on something new! I was able to present my original work to my youth group this past Sunday, which was honestly quite nerve wracking to say [...]


This past week, I was able to interview Mr. Justin Muller, a renowned Dallas filmmaker and president of Muller Entertainment. We discussed his previous work experiences related to film as well as my original work. Mr. Muller seemed to understand the exact vision I have cultivated throughout the preparation and pre-production phase of my documentary. With [...]