Original Work Assessment


December 10 – 1pm – 2pm

December 14 – 5pm – 6pm

December 16 – 8pm – 9pm

December 17 – 1pm – 6pm

December 18 – 3pm – 6pm

December 19 – 11am – 4pm

December 20 – 2pm – 4pm



Canon T5i


Final Cut Pro

External Microphone

iPhone Recorder

Clamp Light

Black Table

Online Sermons


People Involved:

Joshua Kang – Co-screenwriter

Sydney Fay – 2nd Camera

Catherine Wee – Participant in planning



The objective of my original work was to utilize film in a way that bridges secularism and Christianity. While targeting the audience to my youth group, this video will be able to create an impact in both Christians and Non-Christians.


Description of Process:

Before even commencing my original work, I first researched exactly what my options were. Gearing towards a short documentary or film, I gathered information regarding what that entails and the most efficient and effective way to carry it out. After getting a solidified understanding of what I was about to create, the difficulties became more and more prevalent. I had vision, but it was vision for the beginning of one story, the middle of another, and the ending of yet another. Truly finding the story I wished to tell was indeed the most stressful aspect.

However, in obedience to God I decided to use my original work for the purposes of my church – something that could be both educational and impactful to my local sphere of influence. After speaking with my Youth pastor, the theme for this 2017 year would be “Fear – ‘Be Strong and Courageous’”, and I decided to dedicate this film towards this. Thus, more research commenced. In order to screenwrite, I had to have a deeper understanding of what fear is and what it means to a Christian, which came with the help of my pastor and numerous online sermons, including:

Adopted – Derwin Gray

Fear – Carter Conlon

Fear of the Lord – David Wilkerson

Fear Not – Benjamen Leahey

After screenwriting, came storyboards. Before I started using actual people, I wanted to keep this film very (legally) simple, using my own voice and objects to convey my message. Storyboarding consisted of frames that captured the gist of every scene and sections of the script. This was the final stage before actual filming.

Filming was fairly simple. The only roadblock was that I had to film while the sun was out, as I relied on natural light to supplement my lighting, unfortunately causing my filming days to go from one to three. Post-production, the final stage to creating a film, was honestly quite challenging. My previous experience with editing had never reached the magnitude of this film, as there was stop motion of objects. In addition, I had pre-recorded my script, so I had to manipulate the timings and speeds of my clips in order to synchronize the video with its audio.


After much work, time, and effort dedicated to this project, I was able to publish it via Final Cut Pro and create a master file called “Fear”. I was able to use this to supplement a sermon for my youth group.



Throughout this entire original work journey, I have learned so much and gained so much more experience. However, the first and foremost thing I was really taught was filmmaking takes a long time – longer than I previously expected. As only being exposed to videography-style films, there was essentially zero pre-production. The story was laid out in front of you and all you had to do really was capture it. On the contrary, creating short films require actual screenwriting and storyboarding. Another thing I gathered from this experience is that lighting and audio makes all the difference in the world. I was able to apply my knowledge regarding 3 point lighting, while the back light was not quite viable as this film was shot in aerial view.



This original work was applied to my local church – specifically youth group. Because it directly correlated with our 2017 theme of “Fear – ‘Be Strong and Courageous’”, it supplemented the sermon that introduced what fear was and what it means to Christians. While this was able to impact my youth group, there is a much bigger meaning to this film. My hope is that it would be the beginning to my film career that is dedicated to bringing about social awareness and activism among people through secular issues that plague our current society, so that in the long run, it would work towards evangelism and Kingdom building.