Original Work Proposal

Filmography is fundamentally storytelling. Film is created to entertain, yes, but ultimately there was a vision behind it. There was a message behind the entire production – a single purpose. Through this original work, I want my work to be purposeful and impactful, able to transform its audience and build a unique connection with each individual.

Therefore, my original work proposal is to create a short documentary. A short film seeming too large of a scale, while a report being too small, a three to five minute documentary was the perfect compromise. As my inspiration derives from a group called “Jubilee Project”, I would like to follow their footsteps. Their work revolves around social activism and giving a voice to those lacking thereof. As their motto is “doing good is contagious”, they truly give purpose to their work, using film as a means to uplift, inspire, and motivate. My documentary will be interview-based, gathering fifty to one hundred interviewees and asking them all one question. Gauging the responses, I will use these different perspectives in order to explicate a certain truth. Ultimately, I want this end product to be a voice for someone who lacks thereof.

As I want to be a part of the entire filmmaking process, I will take initiative on directing, producing, and editing. First, I must brainstorm and research possible topic and interview questions, identifying a purpose I would like to give voice to. Once I solidify the interview information, I will have to plan and prepare production details. Further research regarding technical aspects of filming – lighting, audio, etc – will be necessary. I will have to then find a wide variety and demographic of possible interviewees available the day of production, locate venues and compare prices (if not free), gather willing volunteers to the filming process, prepare media release forms, and find sources of camera equipment that I am able to borrow. Then, on the day of production, I will transfer to the directing side – ensuring that the filming process runs smoothly. I will later send thank-you emails to all of the participants and volunteers. Post-production will revolve around editing, publishing, and sharing. Therefore, I will use Final Cut Pro as my editing software, upload to Youtube, and then share it with friends, family, school, and participating interviewees.

Developing this documentary will expose me to the entire filmmaking process, revealing what specific aspects I enjoy regarding film and giving me experience for my final product (optimistically a short film). I will gain knowledge on technical film aspects as well as the actual process of creating an entire production alone. Throughout this entire project, I wish to ultimately impact my audience. I want to offer a new approach – a new perspective – that will uproot existing negligence and supersede with a transformed individual.