Original Work Script


What do you fear?

Some of you may say “I’m not pretty enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, or “I’m not good enough”. People fear failure, rejection, loneliness, and death, to the point where it paralyzes us. And Our parents, our peers, they start to place their hopes in us, which eventually breaks us.

Growing up as an asian, I know. My parents set an expectation for me to follow – to fulfill – to be better than they were. And that’s pretty hard to beat with a valedictorian as a mom and phd as a dad. So I grew up with this fear. This fear of failure. This fear of my parents.

OK let’s take a step back. What even is fear?

Fear is defined as the overwhelming emotion we get from something greater than ourselves. While fear is external, it’s very much present in our physiology as well. We are naturally programmed to fear. In our brain there is a tiny section called the amygdala that is solely responsible for decoding all of our emotions, including fear.

Actually there’s a case of a woman who simply does not – or cannot – feel fear. For confidentiality, she is known as “SM”, but she has a disease, in which calcium deposits are found in her brain, which eventually take over her amygdala. She loses her fight or flight reaction, so even at gun point or in the midst of getting mugged, she doesn’t flinch. She lacks the ability to understand the gravity of the situation.

With that said, fear is actually a good thing. As scary and as overwhelming as it can be, without it, we would be dead. It stops us from doing stupid things that will only lead to regret. It gives us a fear of consequence to our actions.

But see, you don’t have to be afraid.

I think for many Christians they know God loves them, but they question if he likes them. And that’s because we think that God loves us in the first place based on what we do or don’t do, which is wrong. because God’s love for us is based on what Christ and Christ alone has done. and if we you do something to increase God’s current affection for you, then you begin eclipse what Jesus has done. And no one can eclipse what Jesus has done.

God’s affection for us is rooted in his affection for Jesus and when you and I get that, you know what it does? it makes us fearless. Fearless of the world, but fearful of God. And don’t misunderstand this. It’s not the “oh I’m scared” fear, but the “wow I am in awe” fear in adoration of How great He is.

You see? That’s why we no longer fear. Even the ultimate fear of mankind is death. And God takes care of that too. We are no longer bound by death. No longer slaves to sin, because someone else paid the price. And that’s Jesus.

Everything can be taken away from us. Our money, our health. Everything except for this.. That we are the beloved children of the King – and that is all we need.

Joshua 1:9- “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”