Mini Documentary

Date: October 28, 2016

Subject: Mini Documentaries


Fuller, Faith. “What Is a Mini Documentary?” Desktop Documentaries. N.p., n.d. Web. 28

Oct. 2016. <;.


After researching camera lenses, I decided to gear my research towards original work purposes. As I am planning on creating a short film or mini documentary, I researched what exactly constitutes a mini documentary and how to effectively produce one. I was able to learn specifics regarding the process of documentary production and legalities on copyright and media release forms. After I realized that a topic change was necessary, I was quite hesitant to pick back up with film, but as I continue to research, I come to see my interest grow and flourish through this ISM program – as opposed to my diminishing interest I saw in neuroscience.

This article gave me a solidified understanding about the entire process of preparing, filming, producing, and editing. It gave me a mental checklist of needed steps to take even in the process of finding people to feature in my film. But I realized through this article is the great significance behind planning and preparation. Having a goal in mind is crucial to the entire final product, as such a large scale film can go off track without a clear vision of the objective of the final product or the message I would like to get across to an audience. Therefore, for original work purposes, I have emphasized to myself the importance of complete and thorough preparation prior to commencing my original work, as I want to ensure a well thought out and successful production of a short film for this course.

Having this knowledge from the article prior to interviews really gave me specific inquiries for business professionals. I was able to ask deeper questions, such as “how do you avoid copyright issues and media release problems?”, “how do you budget a production, in consideration of camera equipment which may be a bit price-heavy?”, and “do you have a vision before production, or after recollection of footage and during the editing process?”. This stimulated more major-specific conversations with my interviewee and I was able to gain more information as opposed to if I just had asked shallow and simplistic questions regarding general film and videography.

As I would like to direct and produce a short film for this ISM course, I realized I would have to narrow my choices. While a short film is too large of a scale to complete before the end of the semester, I decided to start with mini documentaries, which last around a total of two to twenty-five minutes. While, I am looking into an interview style documentary, I expect to produce a more brief film of a total of two to five minutes. This will require me to be efficient, yet effective in the conveying of my central message. I plan to research more on a possible documentary topic and methods of creating an effective video message that will truly impact its audience.